Open House July 28th

On Thursday, July 28th, AKA will have Open House with free registration for the kids returning to Before and After School .  School starts on Aug. 22nd. So, be prepared and sign them up!

This is the only free registration day we will have for this school year.

C Group at AKA Summer Camp

cgrp bluebellcgrp typhooncgrp typhoon2grp c astros“C” Group at AKA has had a busy schedule, as do all of our groups in the summer time.

Here are a few pictures showing them playing ball in back at AKA, at Visual Promotions to see how t shirts are made(and getting one to bring home), going to Blue Bell Aquatic Center, having fun at Typhoon Texas water park and today they went to the Astro’s game!c grpcgrp visual pro